We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Youth Camp


Camp Wilkes was established in 1938 to provide the Boy Scout and Girl Scout Organizations of the Biloxi Bay Area a place to go for an outdoor experience under local leadership. Prior to the development of Camp Wilkes, local organizations had to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana, to camp. Land was acquired on the South side of the Bay of Biloxi, and buildings were constructed to house and feed groups of up to 250 campers. A wooded area that could accommodate the needs of the local scouts was now available near town for leaders to take their youngsters camping. 

In 1942, due to the opening of Keesler Field (now Keesler Air Force Base), Camp Wilkes was relocated to its current location: an 89 acre site on the North shore of the Bay of Biloxi. Kornman House Moving floated the original buildings across the Bay on barges. The original buildings and cabins are gone, but several historical ones and a few new ones have replaced them.

The Scout groups did not use the camp facilities all year so shortly after moving in 1942, the camp managers opened the use of Camp Wilkes to any organized youth or church group to conduct outdoor activities under adult leadership. In recent years, corporate groups, weddings, and other celebrations have been held on the acreage.